A2 - On the Traces of the Movie - Sound Of Music

Duration: approx. 2 ½ hours




Salzburg is well known for its beautiful landscape, marvelous buildings, the music festivals, Mozart and his music, and through the movie - Sound of Music.
The movie tells the life of the Trapp family, which lived here in Salzburg and later immigrated to the United States during the NS time, where they gave concerts and became famous. The history of the Trapp family became in 1957 a successful musical on Broadway and in 1964, passed on the musical, the movie - Sound of Music – was directed. The outdoor shots were taken in and around Salzburg.
The movie became a world success and until today is known worldwide as one of the most famous movies of all times. (With exception for Austria and Germany!) Every year over 300.000 visitors come to Salzburg to visit the original movie locations.
The tour consists of a walk, similarly as ‘Unique Salzburg’, with special indication to the movie and an excursion to Leopoldskron and Hellbrunn. Optional a trip to the ‘Salzkammergut’, the ‘Wolfgangsee’ and to the ‘Mondsee’.