A3 - Mozart's Speciallity - with Dinner Concert


Tour as A1 and in the evening visit to the "Mozart-Dinner-Concert".

In one of the oldest restaurants of the world, the Stiftskeller St. Peter, whitch was mentioned for the first time in 803 after a visit of Karl dem Großen in Salzburg, every evening a - Mozart dinner concerts - take place. Singers decorated like Mozarts time walk around in the baroque hall and maintain you with the most known arias from the Mozart operas and 5 musicians play the most popular Mozart melodies for you. In tracings a multiturn menu is served for you and you can amuse themselves with your table neighbors. 
In such a way, you enjoy an evening of breath-taking beauty of which you will think a longer time.
We carry out reserving for you and fetch you from your city hotel.
Clothing: informal