B1 - Salzkammergut - half-day:

Duration: approx. 4 hours

The ride goes from St. Gilgen the Wolfgangsee along after St. Wolfgang and further to the Mondsee. A boat trip is also optionally possible from May till October (Further details see at the bottom).



B2 - Salzkammergut - whole-day:

Duration: approx. 8 hours   

Into enlargement of the half day tour we drive from St. Wolfgang to Bad Ischl, where the Habsburger already spent their summer vacations and emperor Franz Josef became acquainted with his Sissy. We can visit the emperor palace here, at the cake shop Zauner, that already stroll through the place the imperial family furnished ones a visit make and. It goes over the old mine city Hallstatt back again to Salzburg. During beautiful weather, we can still insert a stop at the return in the case of the Gosausee sited by the foot of the brick or can insert that "Lammeröfen", a narrow gorge, where itself the river lamb his way through the rocks clear has, pay a visit. A boat trip is also optionally possible from May by October.  



 B3 - Salzkammergut and Schafberg: 


approx. 8 hours



Like Salzkammergut part-time but from St. Wolfgang we drive with the rack railway- or we walk (approx. 3 hours) -  onto the 1.780 m high Schafberg. It is one of the most beautiful mountains of Salzkammergut.  During beautiful weather, we have a look onto the surrounding Salzkammergutseen. After a break in the mountain restaurant we go back to Salzburg. A boat trip is also optionally possible from May till October.


Describtion to: B1 - Salzkamergut half-day

The Salzkammergut with its 76 large and small lakes appertains to the most beautiful regions close to Salzburg. You have the unique harmony here between human being and nature, everything inserts itself perfectly together the lakes, imbedded into the imposing mountain landscape of the Salzkammergut, the villages with her baroque church towers and the houses with theirs large flower adorned Balconies. Aso  the people in her colored dresses and those brown and white stained cows in the fields. It does not take miracle like this that the Hapsburg family already spent its summer vacations here in the 19th Jh. The emperor Franz Josef became acquainted here in Bad Ischl with Sissi.
We pass the Fuschlsee at our ride, with the well known hotel "Schloß Fuschl". Famous personalities like Liz Taylor, Harrison Ford, Richard Nixon, the prince pair of Monaco visiting hear.You can make a photo stop or coffee break and we have a marvellous look onto the Wolfgangsee. Then wearrive St.Gilgen, the birth place of Mother Mozarts. Optionally you can either with ship or with our bus drive to St. Wolfgang and stroll there in the picturesque place, the church with the world famous Pacher altar may visit and/or in the Weißen Rössl on the sea terrace with coffee and cake the soul are able be dangled. When we goe back via St. Gilgen and Mondsee we make a last stop again before we came to Salzburg.