B5 - Salzbergwerk

With coffee break in Berchtesgaden or visiting the Celt museum in Hallein.

Especially suitable during bad weather.

Salt was not only for seasoning but also in former times for preserving foods, especially from meat and fishing because there were still no refrigerators and cold-storage depots. Salt was the white gold, becausit was verrry expensive. In the near of Salzburg, at the Dürrnberg close to Hallein, there is one of the oldest salt mines of the world. The Celts already removed salt here more than 2500 years ago. They put an esquire overalls on for themselves, and with a small train we go into the mine. We Were introduced into the history of salt mining industry, find out interesting over the archbishop Wolf-Dietrich, who got profit from the salt business the foundation for the baroque Salzburg. Succeeded like the miners over chutes we get into deeper parts, cross with a ferry boat a subterranean salt lake before you reach the free again with an elevator and the pit railroad.
You still can visit the neighboring „Keltendorf" or  the Celt museum in resonance one.