Offer of the Month: Hallstatt

On 10. and 14. of August 2011 there ist en exibition from Mozart's Opera "Le nozze di Figaro".
This event is in the well known Town Hallstatt - Salzkammergut.



We visit the place that makes history for 4,000 years

 and is today an UNESCO World Heritage.

We bring you through the picturesque landscape in the world-famous
town of Hallstatt. You can  have lunch in an idyllic guest house an eat
a splendid trout from the lake Hallstatt, or you can eat one of the many
specialties. A walk and a melange at the Cafe right on the lake, is for
the mood for the evening performance.
Explore an incomparable romantic piece of Austria and connect this trip
with culture. For many centuries revived the culture of the Salzkammergut.
This includes since six years the Salzkammergut Mozart Festival.
The traditional highlight  again is of course the Mozart opera. The revival
of "Le nozze di Figaro" as a staged performance under the direction of
Wolfgang Schilly will be a fitting reference to the master Mozart.
"Die Hochzeit des Figaro" by Wolfgang Schilly is transfer in the now time.
Wolfgang Schilly is also responsible for set design and equipment.
Conductor of the Opera Puffa is Peter WesenAuer.