B10 - Eisriesenwelt

Only for excelent walkers!

Combed as Full-time tour mit Tour B11Fortress Hohenwerfen


In the midst of the Tennengebirges up to 1.640 m there is the largest glacial cave of Europe. The system of caverns is approx. 42 kms long. We go on the southern highway for instance 45 minutes,  to the visitor center after driving over a mountain street with marvellous panorama look except for 1.000 m of height. From there, we approx. 20 minutes go up to the cable railway station. In a breath-taking cable railroad ride of only 3 minutes, we come to the top station and from there in 20 minutes to the entry of the cave. From here, you furnished with a carbide lamp and accompanied by a native leader, penetrate into the fairy tale landscape of ice and rock, where you need approx. 1 ¼ hours for visiting. After this adventure, a break is welcome in the mountain restaurant, before you go back again with the ropeway.
At the return, we can make an excursion into the impressive „Salzachöfen where the Salzach search her way through the mountains for itself (optional) or also too the Gollinger waterfalls (optionally).