B4 - Kehlsteinhaus

In the middle of the Bavarian alps and 24 kms south of Salzburg there is Berchtesgaden. Adolf Hitler already felt enthusiastic about this beautiful landscape and arranged its summer residence, at Obersalzberg. For his 50th birthday, the party built him on the seemed Kehlstein 1.834 m high for representation a tea house, the Kehlsteinhaus.
From Salzburg we go onto the Obersalzberg approx. 45 minutes. From there, one of the most beautiful German panorama streets leads Kehlsteinhaus to the parking place. This is a private street, therefor we change into a bus of the operator company at the Obersalzberg. From the parking place of Obersalzberg we reach an elevator that finally brings us to the Kehlsteinhaus. The Kehlsteinhaus is still received originally, however, functions today as a mountain restaurant. During beautiful weather, we have an impressing look onto the Bavarian mountains world with the high Göll, Watzmann, Steinernes Meer, Hochkalter, Lattengebirge, Untersberg and others. We can increase ourselves in the restaurant and climb them up to the obvious cross on the summit. Again arrived at the Obersalzberg still share we occasion the documentation center and the bunkers that partial they are to be visited in a preserved manner before we go back again to Salzburg.